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Ammouliani Island, Halkidiki

The Vasiliou family welcomes you to guesthouse “Helianthus”,
the dream of a lifetime.

The guesthouse "Helianthus" is located on Ammouliani, the only inhabited island in the Halkidiki region, and it has been in operation since August 2009. Enjoy traditional, greek hospitality, friendly atmosphere and service with a smile. At guesthouse “Helianthus”, our guests are our first priority. Hospitality is not only our business, it’s our way of life. The guesthouse is built in the traditional style of Mount Athos. Wood and stone blend seamlessly with the breathtaking landscape in the same way that traditional architecture is combined with modern quality and attention to detail.

Coco-Mat Sleep on Nature

All rooms are equipped with the best sleeping system of COCO-MAT, offering the visitor a dreamy stay experience.

Astromeria Cafe

We welcome you to our new FLOWER style café that is situated in the central square of Ammouliani, a new provided service by Helianthus Guesthouse.


The Anthi’s collection is highly influenced by the nature and especially the colors of the flowers, preferences of owner Anthi Vassiliou, naturally.
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age: 5+
age: 0-4


Iasmos… A sojourn in nature! Fragrant, evergreen and deciduous… Light green details on an off white canvas. Shades of green dominate, embracing beech wood furniture, punctuated by architectural lighting. Natural materials and colours contribute to its subtle splendour.



The uncompromising blue of the greek sea and the tranquility of the brilliant sky contrast with the purity of white. Thus, Iris is born – the goddess of the rainbow welcomes and seduces the visitor in her restful embrace.



The Hibiscus, a unique flower that opens its petals to welcome the rays of the sun and closes them when it’s in the shade. In our guesthouse, however, the hibiscus is always open and ready to welcome our guests with attractive shades of peach and elegant cherry wood furniture.



Dianthus, the flower of Zeus, according to the ancient Greeks… A fitting name for a room with such a majestic view of the sea. The epitome of “the good life” or “Ef Zin” as our wise forefathers used to call it! Enjoy an unforgettable living environment which complements perfectly the beautiful and friendly beaches of our island.



Anthemis, a herb with medicinal properties, the flower of life and beauty. The perfect name for a unique living environment that soothes mind and body.



Amarylis, one of our brightest rooms, with daring colours that challenge the senses and the imagination. The king size bed with its elegant headrest, the sparse, ergonomic furniture and the eye-catching interior design are sure to impress.



Althea, a withdrawn, salmon-pink room just like its namesake. Uplifting and extroverted, with warm and tender colours, Althea resonates with happy feelings and is the ideal setting for new, unforgettable memories. Althea is a spacious, extremely bright room with natural oak wood furniture and a balcony with a view.



Hyacinthus, soft mauve tones, conducive to peace and serenity, spacious balconies, natural materials and many modern facilities. Enjoy elegant design, quality of service and unforgettable hospitality and relaxation.



Valeriana, a natural remedy against anxiety and stress. The room is located at the loft, the highest part of the guesthouse. With its soft down mattress, the wood roof and a commanding view of the Halkidiki peninsula. This room is the ideal setting for a peaceful and relaxing vacation.


Helianthus Guesthouse

Ammouliani Island, Halkidiki

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Our Address

Ammouliani Island,
Halkidiki, Greece

Contact Information

Manager: Vasiliou Stratos
phone: +30 2377 051155
mobile: +30 6944 518218