Aristoltelia Land

Welcome to Aristotelia Land! The place that nullifies the distance between the wonders of nature!
Three hundred (300) kilometers of coastline (the biggest in Halkidiki), numerous beaches, bays, little islands, crystal-clear blue water, golden plains, luscious green mountains, all wisely placed and harmonious! Explore this special corner of Halkidiki!
Visit Mount Athos, enjoy a dip in the water along the sandy beaches, walk along the path that gave birth to the great ancient philosopher Aristotle and taught Alexander the Great, take a tour along the green or purple (depending on the season) Aristotelian Mountain and dash along the hillsides of Holomontas mountain.
See it all! You will be pleasantly surprised with the proximity of it all. This area has it all! History, culture, tradition, sports, modern hotels.
It offers all kinds of vacation: Summer, winter, religious, special, congress, cultural, gastronomical, historical, sports tourism.
It offers a variety of fun activities and intense nightlife. It offers an amazing gastronomical scene and, of course, the famous Greek hospitality.

Aristoltelia Land, 630 75, Ελλάδα

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Things to do in Aristoltelia Land..

Sailing along the coast of Mount Athos

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This excellent thematic trip takes you on a journey into the past, on a tour of the architecture and lifestyle of Byzantium. All the monasteries on the western shore of Mount Athos magically appear one after the other, alternating with a natural landscape of unimaginable beauty, with bold changes between dark green and endless blue, as Mount Athos too is protected by the Natura 2000 European Convention.

Wine Tours

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The region of Athos and the Aristotelian Mount has famous vineyards, renowned wineries and dozens of traditional tsipouro vats in and out of the Athonite Community but also a long tradition of creating great wines and powerful wine flavours! From the time of Aristotle to that of the Mademochoria, from the southernmost point of Mount Athos to mountainous Arnea, Megali Panagia and Gomati, people enjoy wine at every opportunity: in celebrations, in joy, in feasting,in distress, in sorrow, in pain. Take a thematic tour of the region in all seasons, to taste our wines, indulge in their taste, aromas and relaxing robustness,to experience moments of joy and euphoria!

Aristotle's Park

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The Aristotle's Park, a unique theme park of Halkidiki, is located at an altitude of about 500 meters, in the historical village of Stagira, beside the remains of Machalas, the capital of Mademochoria. It is worth visiting for its interesting instruments and the great view to the gulf of Ierissos. The park preexisted and the wonderful location was chosen in 1956 to host the statue of Aristotle, made by sculptor Nicholas, in honor of the great philosopher who was born in Ancient Stagira.

Ancient Stagira

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The most important historic site in Halkidiki is ancient Stagira, located beside Olympiada, in the Liotopi peninsula. The tour is a real treat. If you want to see everything, you should know that you will need at least 2 to 3 hours and do not miss seeing the seaside path, which is marvelous. Ionian settlers who came from the island of Andros founded the city in 655 B.C. Colonists from Chalkida settled a little later on. The old sources are exact about the location of the city. Stravonas places it in a coastal area southern of ancient Akanthos, in his “Geographics” and mentions the existence of a small islet on the opposite side of the city named Kapros (probably the current island of Kafkanas). The fact that the same name is attributed to the port of Stagira is a feature, whereas many coins bear the symbol of a boar.

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