Making ART a hobby

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  • Handmade Rings
  • Handmade Necklaces
  • Handmade Leather Sandals
  • Leather Bags
  • Women accessories
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  • Xmas adornments

The latest addition to the Helianthus Guesthouse scene…

Artist: Anthi Vasiliou

Making ART a hobby

Anthi’s is merely a place for creative thinking…

Many years of experience and love for jewels and accessories have been the driving forces behind the establishment of Anthi’s little store in Helianthus Guesthouse premises, the presence of which is dating back to 2012.

A great variety of women accessories guarantees a great shopping experience. Anthi’s collection is highly influenced by the nature and especially by the colors of the flowers. It consists of handmade jewels & creations, unique sandal designs & several home artifacts.

Anthi Vassiliou, just took her hobby & pastime a step further…Having an appetite for work, she is constantly looking for original designs and new materials that make up her splendid creations. Her passion for jewelry led her to create unique handmade pieces, as she strongly believes that the right jewelry can accent an outfit or simply make you feel good while wearing it!

Her creations have been loved by many women and are truly irresistible, as Anthi is always striving hard to meet the needs of modern women who love accessories and have a more stylish and glamour lifestyle. Actually, she is a fan of pearls and it is very obvious in almost all of her creations that are embellished with pearl elements.

Her favorite quote... A woman needs ropes, ropes of pearls (Coco Chanel)!

Every detail has been thought of..

A fabulous location, utmost cleanliness, friendly and helpful staff. Every detail has been thought of from comfortable beds, cedar wood in cupboards, music system to clothes pegs! Would highly recommend!!!

St. Antoniou (London, England)

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