Ammouliani is the only populated island of Central Macedonia. Administratively, it is part of the municipality of Aristotelis. It is situated between Mount Athos and the peninsula of Sithonia. Ammouliani is 122 kilometers away from Thessaloniki and it is only reachable by sea from the port of Tripiti (about 2 nautical miles).

Ammouliani, 63075, Halkidiki, Greece

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Some things about Ammouliani Island...

Historically, Ammouliani Island belongs to the famous Vatopedion Monastery of Mount Athos. In early 1925, right after the defeat of the Greek forces in Asia Minor, the island was given to the refugees from the islands of the Sea of Marmara (Galimi, Pasalimani and Skoupia) that made their way to the Greek mainland.
The refugees brought with them new methods and techniques which led to a flourishing fishing trade. Nowadays, fishing is still the primary local trade, along with tourism.
The majestic church of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1865 on the island’s central square, is one of the most attractive and popular landmarks in the area. The same is true for the Old School and other religious buildings that speak of the island’s past. The old shipyard or “Arsanas” is another important landmark of Ammouliani. It’s a typical example of the distinctive architecture of Mount Athos, where the monks used to shelter their boats when the weather wouldn’t allow them to sail safely.

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